Prompt: a private school student is impregnated by her teacher. Then in detention, he makes her give birth on the cold stone floor while she screams and screams, and he just watches, admiring his handiwork.

Sorry if this is too long, I got a little carried away. I enjoyed writing this, and I hope to come back and edit it a little better soon. Thank you for the wonderful prompt. 🙂 

Maggie Clemonte walked to class with her classmate, on her way to her first class of Junior year at Stonewall Academy.

“I hear the new History Professor is a real rotten old guy.” Her classmate Sophie said to her. Maggie was nervous about her history class, and hoped the professor wouldn’t be too hard on them. “I can’t believe he gave us homework for the first day!” Maggie stopped cold, and stared at Sophie, panicked.

“Homework?! I didn’t know we had homework!” She yelped out. Sophie explained that he had sent an email, and Maggie remembered that she hadn’t checked her school email in weeks. She walked to class, hoping he wouldn’t collect the assignment and insulted herself for being so careless.

She sat near the back of the class and waited for the professor to come in. As the bell rang, the door to his study opened and he walked into the connected classroom. She couldn’t help but notice he was rather handsome, but serious looking also. He introduced himself as Professor Heartley, and told them about the course. After he finished, he began to take roll and have students turn their homework in. She was the only one who didn’t have it, and she sat red faced as everyone else turned theirs in.

“Well Miss Clemonte, it looks like you are the only one who didn’t have your assignment. What a terrible impression to make on your first day of class.” He scolded, looking down on her in her seat. She stared down at her lap, and mumbled an apology, assuring him it wouldn’t happen again.

“You’re right, Miss Clemonte, it won’t. I’ll be seeing you in detention for the next month where you’ll do your homework under my watch to assure your carelessness doesn’t happen again.” He sneered at her as the rest of the class began to mutter. She held back tears at his meanness, and grew horrified that she had recieved such a terrible punishment on her first day. He began to lecture and she took notes, anticipating what would happen in her homework session the next day.

She arrived to his office a few minutes late, having left with plenty of time to get her to the classroom. After waiting a few minutes, he came out and looked at her, before sitting at the desk in the front, facing her.

“Miss Clemonte, I will overlook your tardiness just once, but your first impressions seem to worsen every time I greet you today. You are to finish your assigned homework for tomorrow’s class, silently. If you need my assistance I implore you to be sure the answer is not in the book and not already in your lecture notes. Be aware I already find you incompetent in your studies, as that is why you are here today. Are we clear?” He asked, his eyes cold.

She nodded silently, and opened her book to begin. After working half an hour, her on her homework and him on his grading, her pen began to run dry. Nervous to ask him, she began to scribble lines, hoping it would re ink again. She suddenly heard a rustle and realized he had stood up and walked next to her desk, looking down at her with intense scrutiny.

“Is there a problem with your quill, Miss Clemonte?” He asked quietly.

“Yes sir, it seems to be out of ink.” she responded, frightened at his demeanor.

“My, you really are quite incompetent, aren’t you, girl?” He sneered, leaning over her. “No homework, late, and now no ink your pen? Is there anything you don’t mess up?”

Before she could answer, he suddenly slammed his hand down on the desk, making her yelp. “I bet you don’t mess up screwing the boys in the dorms, do you Miss Clemonte?” Maggie turned red as she heard her professor say that. While she wasn’t open about her relationships, it was known that she had been with a few boys her earlier years, something she wasn’t proud of. She looked up at him to protest, but he continued to speak. “You’re still gold from your tans on the beach all summer, aren’t you? This schoolgirl uniform of yours is probably the most clothes you’ve worn since June, isn’t it?” He smirked, looking down at her plaid skirt and peter pan collared blouse.

Despite her fear, Maggie was beginning to grow hot for the way her professor was now looking at her. He was so very demanding, but handsome, and rough. She blushed harder as she realized how she had begun to squirm under his gaze. He was right though, as she had spent the last few months sunbathing in the Caribbean with friends from school. She continued to grow warm under his gaze, and she looked up at him, her large green eyes beginning to dilate as she took in his handsome chiseled face.

“Yes Professor, you’re right.” She agreed, partially ashamed to admit it. His eyes glinted as he stood up and walked towards the board.

“Because you have no pen, you will have to write your homework on the board.” He told her, motioning to the front of the classroom. She stood up and walked past him, head down, her cheeks still flushed.

She picked up the chalk and began to write, very aware of his presence behind her. He walked towards her back, and she anticipated his next move. After a few moments, she heard him speak directly into her ear.

“Can you come correctly, Miss Clemonte?” He whispered, his voice sultry. She shuddered in a mix of pleasure and plain excitement as she heard him. He placed his hand on her flat stomach, and slowly began to move downwards. She could feel herself trembling slightly, her level of arousal skyrocketing. His hand felt electric on her, through her thin blouse and skirt. He gently cupped the inside of her thighs above her skirt and stopped, leaning back in.

“I asked you a fucking question, Miss Clemonte. Or are you mute as well as a stupid little slut?” he hissed. She groaned, her sex hot and wanting the older man to continue moving.

“Yes, I can come, please don’t stop.” she gasped out, her medium size breasts bouncing slightly as she breathed heavily, completely aroused.

“Let’s see if you’re useful for something, shall we?” He said, his large hand reaching up under the skirt. He began to kiss her neck, moving from side to side behind her as his fingers began to rub at her slit through her thin cotton panties. Maggie tried to keep still, her arms grabbing the sill of the chalkboard as his fingers quickened, rubbing her wet panties against her sex. With his other hand, he reached around her and began to unbutton her blouse, revealing her bra. He began to knead her breast as his fingers went under the edge of her panties, and found her clit. She moaned as he began to rub circles on it, speeding up as she began to buck against his hand.

In one swift motion he spun her around, and pushed her back against the chalkboard. She was so wet for him, and she told him so. He smiled and pushed two fingers inside of her opening, to which she cried out in ecstasy, a quick orgasm peaking from the feeling.

“I would very much like to fuck you right now, Miss Clemonte.” He told her, kneeling slightly as his fingers massaged her insides. She panted, leaning against the board as his other hand still moved her breast, pinching her nipple through the fabric.

“Please, please fuck me.” She panted out, wanting him terribly. He pulled his hands out and off of her, and pulled her to his desk. She fumbled and reached his belt buckle, feeling herself growing more and more aroused at what was going to happen. She pulled down his trousers, and was met with a tent in his boxers that made her ache already. He pulled them free and his erect manhood sprung out, ready to fuck her. She leaned back against the desk and he guided himself to her entrance.

“Yes, you are quite useful for this.” He said huskily before plunging himself inside of her. She arched her back at the intrustion and quickly adjusted to him, her pussy swollen and ready. He began to thrust slowly, going deep as she moaned at the fullness. She felt herself reaching another orgasm as he sped up, pinning her down as he thrust. Her hips bucked to match his rhythm and she came, brightly. He felt her clench around him and pulled out as she finished, changing positions before he climaxed. He pulled her back up and flipped her around, bending her over the desk. She struggled to catch her breath as she came down, but he was quickly inside her again. She could feel how deep he was, and his pace quickened extensively until they both orgasmed. She felt his hot seed filling her, and she couldn’t help but become excited at the risk she was taking. She leaned forward over the desk, still breathing heavily from her orgasms. She felt him lean towards her ear again, and closed her eyes as he spoke.

“Detention is over, Miss Clemonte, and you have yet to finish your homework. Another month’s worth of detention, for simply being a stupid little slut. Is that clear?” He said, his voice demanding and cold.

“Yes Sir.” She whimpered out, still exhausted. She heard the door close as he walked back into his office, leaving her alone with his cum dripping down her leg and into her Mary Janes.


Her detentions continued with the rotten old Professor Hartley, and she continued to prove just how good she was at being a stupid little slut. She came down with the flu for a couple of weeks and the Professor watched as she remained oblivious to her current condition.

By Thanksgiving, Maggie had begun to grow the tiniest of bumps, something the Professor noted and mentioned to her after they had finished a good session.

“I know, I don’t know what it is! I hope I don’t get fatter, otherwise I won’t be able to go to Junior Prom!” She whined to him, placing her hand on her slightly swollen stomach. Her breasts had been increasingly tender as well, something she had noticed when the professor had been sucking at them earlier. She looked up and found the Professor looking down at her, a smirk on his handsome face.

“You can be so daft Miss Clemonte.” He said, a hint of serious accusation in his voice. He looked her up and down before sitting next to her on his desk. “You do realize that you’re pregnant, don’t you?”

Maggie froze at his words but instantly knew they were true. She suddenly felt as stupid as her Professor had said, and blanched as she realized she hadn’t had a period since the beginning of the school year.

“I’ve been fucking you twelve ways to Sunday without a condom since the end of August, and you’ve only had one period since. You’ve gained weight, you had morning sickness and your breasts have become much more sensitive. If you had paid any attention to your biology class you would have figured it out by now yourself.”

Maggie began to cry, wondering what she was going to do. She wondered about her parents, before realizing that they probably wouldn’t notice if she showed up during summer break with a huge baby belly. She thought about what she would tell her classmates, her teachers. She looked up at Professor Heartley.

“What do I do?” She whimpered out, pathetically.

“Go to the school nurse and tell her your symptoms. When she tells you what you already know you tell her that one of the boys you’ve spent all semester screwing around with must have had a broken condom. Simple. By the new year it’s going to be obvious you’ve been a slut anyway. Now get out of my office, Miss Clemonte.” He said simply, before shooing her out the door without another word.

Maggie stared at the closed door, stunned for a moment. She looked down at her still mostly flat stomach and knew she was going to pay dearly for being a dumb slut those past few weeks. She walked back to her dorm, defeated.

For the next weeks, the Professor seemed to ignore her, as though the last couple of months hadn’t occurred. She knew it was for the better, and she saw looking back at it that it was extremely embarrassing behavior. She decided that no matter what, she wouldn’t tell anyone about her romps with the professor. She would claim it to be a stranger-from-a-party’s where she drank too much, but never admit that it was her professor’s. Maggie knew she was going to be mortified as she got bigger and rounder, and she didn’t need her classmates to know it belonged to the old History Professor, like she was some whore who slept for her grades.

By the end of winter break, Maggies shirts and skirts seemed to have shrunk, as her belly continued to grow outward from her tiny frame despite her embarassment. She had told the school nurse and her teachers subsequently of her condition, and while they seemed dissappointed in her life choices, didn’t make any comments. The rumors started, speculations on whether it was too much pie at Christmas or a bun in her oven. Maggie wasn’t a whore though, it must just have been too many carbs and not enough pilates.

By the end of the next month, anyone who had doubted earlier was proven wrong as Maggie’s belly took on a firm rounded shape, ballooning out clearly from her slim body. Her breasts had begun to grow more tender and swollen, filling her blouses in the chest as well as the belly. The whole school now was positive that Maggie Clemonte was knocked up and she didn’t know who the father was. She was essentially made the joke of the junior class, a teenage mother like some trailer trash in Alabama. She tried her best to stay invisible even as she grew, and tried to stay out of the way of Professor Heartley and her classmates. She had triple checked every night to be assured her homework was perfect, and made sure never to miss a class, making her appointments with the nurse around his class. She knew he was unhappy with her condition and wanted nothing to do with her, so she worked hard to not exist to him, even as she grew his large child within her.

Another month later and Maggie’s rounded belly had blown up as she entered her last trimester, and she no longer fit in the standard uniform of blouse, skirt, and knee highs. The nurse ordered her large plaid pinafore dressed that ballooned and tented out in front of her, seemingly bringing more attention to her being a walking indiscretion. She continued growing, and she began to struggle walking the long distance to her History class every day, having to stop and rest. Her worst fear came true one day when she walked in late on an exam. She entered the room, flushed and panting after having rushed to the class. Everyone, including the Professor, looked at her, and she shuffled down the aisle to the front to get her test. As she reached halfway, a voice from behind her began to speak.

“Waddle waddle waddle.” Snickers came from all around as it continued, timing it with her steps to the front. As she reached the front, she stopped to catch her breath, and the class erupted in laughter as she rubbed her swollen mound. At this, Professor Heartley quickly stood up, which silenced the class almost immediately. He turned and looked down at her, her long dark hair falling around her sweaty and flushed face, before resting on her engorged chest. He sneered as she looked at him, and he opened his mouth to speak.

“Miss Clemonte, why is it that you prove to be a distraction in almost every single one of my classes? Your name seems to be the gossip of the century, but you insist on keeping the spotlight, don’t you?” He leaned towards her slightly, and every student did too, hoping to hear what he had to say. “Let me be the first to assure you that your bastard ‘condition’ is not worth wasting time thinking about. You obviously have no shame to be parading yourself around school, as thought you aren’t an embarassment. Detention, until the end of the semester, for causing a distraction long enough to take away exam times from your peers.” He stood up and walked back towards his desk, leaving her in front of the classroom. The whole class was wide eyed and holding back laughter as she waddled her way to the back of the class.

Her detentions were nothing like they had been 9 months ago, as instead of fucking her, Professor Heartley made her file boxes upon boxes on her knees in his office, her belly heavy on her back, causing her to ache. He didn’t speak to her, simply snapping instructions when she arrived. Filing, and then scrubbing desks, rearranging books, she moved slowly in her motions, her gait heavy as her baby continued growing larger, making her appear ready to go a few weeks before her due date. As she grew slower and slower, her motion obstructed by the weight of her belly, the professor only let up slightly in her detention work, as he began to prepare for the final exams.

She saw the nurse once more, who assured her everything would go fine, and to call her when she was absolutely sure it was time. Her due date came one week before finals, and she hoped she could make it through the end of them. She knew there was no way she would last as she looked down at her massive globe of a belly. She looked as though she was 7 months with twins, her orb hanging lower than it had days earlier, preparing its occupant for it’s arrival. Even though she could feel it moving into position, she still felt it kick high up near her ribs, and she began to worry about just how large it was going to be.

The day after her due date, the Professor told her that he required her assistance in preparing all the test packets for finals the next week. She was to report to him immediately after her morning class, and was to stay until he locked his office up at night. She was too scared to protest, and somehow endured a full 8 hours standing and squatting and walking all around as the Professor shouted out books he needed for exam questions. As she walked home, she felt an ache in her back she was sure was from straining all afternoon. She considered calling the nurse, but decided against it, knowing she would say to call back only when she was absolutely positive.

After showering, she sat in her armchair, no longer able to lay down and get up by herself anymore. Her legs were spread wide to accomodate her giant mound as it rested in the space between. Her breasts sat on the shelf this mound made, and she tried relaxing, rubbing her belly and trying to rid herself of the ache in her back. She fell into a fitful sleep and was woken up by a hard cramp in her front. She jolted and moaned as it dissapeared, That was different, she thought. Maybe she really was getting there. She checked the time and realized she had slept through her morning class. She had barely enough time to get dressed and get to Professor Heartley’s in her slow state. She struggled to stand, finally gaining leverage before her belly readjusted her center of gravity.

She dressed in the first pinafore she found, and after struggling to pull it on, she realized it was too small, and barely covered her belly and butt from behind. She looked at the clock and decided it was too late to change. She grabbed her bag and began the long and slow walk to the other side of campus. She hadn’t had another sharp pain like that first one again, and she figured it was a Braxton-Hicks. She stopped every few steps to catch her breath, scowling at people who pointed and giggled as she lumbered by.

She finally reached his office, and as she waited for him to come by, she felt another sharp pain deep inside of her. She noted it and as it ended, Professor walked in. He looked at her in her too small dress and ordered her to begin taking small stacks of books from one end of the large office to the other. She nodded quietly, absently rubbing her bump as she shuffled to the stack of books. The floors were stone, and she feared falling on them. She grabbed a small stack of books and began to carry them to the other side. After reaching the other side of the room, another pain struck Maggie, causing her to freeze, thinking that it was now the real deal. She stayed quiet, not wanting to ask the Professor for the phone until it was absolutely necessary.

The pains slowly but surely began to increase in number and strength as the day turned to evening, and she had yet to finish the stack of books. The Professor seemed to be paying her no mind, as she stopped to ride out the contractions every few minutes. She struggled to stay quiet as they increased in pressure. Her belly had fallen very low, and she could feel a sort of weight near her hips. She finished a particularly strong one and grabbed two books, before turning to walk to the other side. Before she reached halfway a pain struck hard and fast, causing her belly to tighten up. She dropped the books to cradle her mound and she let out a low cry as it peaked. She looked back and saw the Professor had looked up from his desk when the books fell. She stood up, and faced him.

“Professor, I think I need to call the nurse and tell her that my baby is coming.” She called out to him, her breath still hitching from the strong contraction. He stood up and walked over to where she stood, one hand supporting her lower back and the other resting on top of her hugely pregnant belly.

“No, Miss Clemonte. You are not to think during your detention. No one will be calling the nurse. Continue with your chores, I have more for you to do when that is finished.” He said, motioning to the books. He began to walk back towards his desk and she debated calling out after him. She knew she had a little more time before things got serious, and the Professor must have known. She continued walking books, stopping every handful of minutes to ride out a contraction. She couldn’t help but moan at the pain of them, her belly physically constricting around the baby, pushing it downwards. She felt more pressure building during the contractions, and knew they were getting very close together. She had no idea what time it was, or how long she’d even been walking around contracting, but she knew she had to call the nurse.

Maggie slowly made her way back to Professor’s desk, stopping twice as a contraction hit her, and she leaned against the brick wall to ride it out. She wanted nothing more than to sit down, no longer wanting to walk. She finally reached his desk, and cleared her throat.

She was glowing with a fine layer of sweat over her body, her hair falling behind her shoulders in a tangled heap of curls. “Professor, please. I have to call the nurse now. I’m getting really close to having my baby.” His face snapped up as she said that, and he looked her up and down once, his eyes lingering on her swollen breasts that sat atop her quivering mound of baby.

“That child if you remember, is not yours. It is mine. And I assure you that you will continue to get close to having MY baby right here. It is very late and you will not need the nurse’s help. You whored around and got yourself into this mess alone, and you will end it that way too. I, on the other hand, get to enjoy myself almost as much as I did at the beginning.” He stared at her, his eyes glinting with silent laughter at her ordeal.

She opened her mouth to respond when another contraction hit, bringing along her waters. They gushed down her legs and puddled underneath her steadily. As they seemed to finish, another contraction hit and Maggie cried out loudly, the tightening around her belly no longer cushioned. She leaned forward onto the Professor’s desk as it peaked, and groaned as it slowly ebbed.  She pushed herself up and noticed the Professor had moved his chair to the center of the office, where he had full view of everything. He watched her, snickering as she laboured on, the contractions coming harder and faster now. Maggie couldn’t help but yell as they happened, her uterus contracting like a vice. She could feel the baby’s large head sitting at her cervix, and she anticipated just large it would be.

After what felt like an eternity, Maggie had managed to change positions three times, attempting to speed up her dilation. She continued crying out, rocking on all fours, her butt up in the air and belly touching the stone floor as she screamed, a contraction ripping through her like a bullet. It ended and she shakily pushed herself up and to the side. She rubbed her belly, leaning against his desk, and moaned loudly at the pressure in her hips.

“Professor, I have to push-ohhhhhhh god I have to push please Professor-” She moaned out at him as another contraction began to build. The pressure was insane inside of her and she was desperate to alleviate it.

“You are not ready to push, Miss Clemonte. If you start pushing now you will tire yourself out even faster.” He said to her from his chair.

She cried out again as another hit, and she continued to feel the head slowly stretching her cervix. It was large and the weight of it scraping at her insides made her cry out again, sobbing at the pain. She struggled to her hands and knees again on the cold floor and rocked, attempting to alleviate the pressure.

After a few more contractions, Maggie suddenly felt a shift inside of her, and the pressure from before exploded within her, leaving behind a stone resting at the inside entrance to her sex. She cried out loudly as she pushed, moaning at the small relief it gave against the pressure. The Professor moved his chair so he could watch from the back, her dress obscuring her belly.

“You know you can’t push the child out through your underwear, right? And aren’t you terribly uncomfortable, sweating like that in that dress? Take it off, and at least you’ll have something to kneel on.” He told her, leaning back in his chair. She blushed bright red as she peeled off her soaking underwear to reveal her swollen womanhood, bulging ever so slightly as the child’s head worked it’s way down. She stopped to push, and resumed undressing shakily in between contractions, which was difficult as they rolled one on top of the other. She finally crouched naked, her swollen and leaking breasts hanging down from her body. Her belly touched the floor, and she arched her back as she pushed, screaming out as she did so. She felt it moving agonizingly slow, but moving. Using the desk as support, she decided to squat, hoping that more direct gravity would help her. Her belly hung low between her legs as she squatted, the baby slipping slowly through her canal. She screamed as the shoulders breached her cervix, and began to push slowly, feeling herself bulging as the head grew closer to crowning.

Her womanhood continued to stretch outwards as the head filled her vagina. By the next few pushes, her slit had begun to open into a teardrop shape. She cried out about it burning and she pushed slowly, hoping she wouldn’t tear. The teardrop rounded out into a large circle of hair fully crowning. She screamed and leaned back against the wall, pulling her knees close to her and letting herself stretch. She panted for what seemed like forever, before she felt the grooves of a face begin sliding out of her aching pussy. She pushed gently, crying, as she felt the head pop out with  gush of fluids. She prepared herself, feeling a large contraction beginning to build. She screamed as it overcame her, pushing down into her core, she felt the baby turn before a shoulder slowly began to emerge. She faintly heard herself wailing, regretting her actions from ten months before. The first shoulder popped out, and she struggled to push the second one, the baby huge inside of her. The other arm popped out and she sat, her voice hoarse from screaming, her belly slightly deflated, her breasts leaking milk freely, and her professor’s baby half out of her. She struggle to push it out and she reached down when it emerged with a gush.

She cried, looking down at her son, thinking of the ordeal she had just endured. She looked up and saw the Professor staring, a slight smile on his face.

“You did very well at that, Miss Clemonte. Looks like we’ve proved you’re competent at something.” He said, smirking. He got up to dial the phone and she lay, spent and aching, her baby suckling at her breast on the floor of her Professor’s Office. That’s what she gets for being a slut.


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