thefertilevalley:Veronique always wanted to get pregnant. And…


Veronique always wanted to get pregnant. And after she got pregnant once she always wanted to be pregnant. Veronique absolutely loved being pregnant. She had never felt more beautiful or sensual. Being pregnant to Veronique felt like the purest form of magic, and feeling her large unborn child move and kick in her fecund and nurturing womb was the best feeling on earth. Pregnancy also suited Veronique very well. The magnificent and magical roundness of her full, heavy womb and belly, the widening of her hips and butt and the added weight and curves looked gorgeous and glorious on Veronique. The more pregnant she got, the more gorgeous and sexy Veronique felt, and the more revealing her clothing as she flaunted her body. So far 23-year old Veronique had birthed three children, and the fourth was due in a little over a month. Veronique’s natural home births births had been relatively fast and, speaking after the fact, easy and smooth, but very painful and effortful at the time. And yet six to eight weeks after giving birth Veronique would always be begging her husband Thomas to put another baby into her. Thomas would happily oblige. He agreed with Veronique’s feelings, enjoyed her pregnant body and wanted a large family, but he also knew a born breeder just couldn’t be denied. 

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