When a breeder man fucks a normal woman, or a breeder woman fucks a normal man, she gets pregnant quickly. What happens if a breeder woman and a breeder man, both on the prowl to find a normal partner to make a baby with, seduce each other? ♢

Good question, in my actual concept, nothing additional happens when both partners are breeders. But since I don’t think that is what you are looking for…

Allison slid down on Mike’s cock filled with a sense of relief and accomplishment. It had been over a week since she had been bred and she needed to feel her belly swelling, her body filling with life once again. Michael was good at spreading his seed, he’d left a long trail of horny, fertile girls with their bellies swelling with his children. Allie would be the second girl he’d knocked up today, she was already moaning for him to cum in her and knock her up.

Allie felt Mike’s cum spurting into her body, her hungry womb drank it in, there was SO MUCH of it, way more than normal. It was pumping deep into her womb, getting forced up her tubes. She could almost imagine his sperm coaxing her ovaries to release more eggs. In fact she COULD feel herself ovulating, she already had an egg ready to enter her womb, but now she was releasing more. She felt twitching in her tummy as more and more ova ripened and were ejected into the deluge us seed filling her belly.

“Oh that’s so GOOD! You’re going to make me have so many babies!”

Allie’s belly was beginning to bulge outward with her growing litter. She was thrilled to have multiples,  she’d already been pregnant in the double digits but they had all been singles up to now. Even for her, her belly was expanding rapidly. She caressed it’s increasing roundness as she felt the pregnancy begin to effect her other sexual assets.

“Don’t stop fucking me while I grow!”

Mike had never seen a woman grow so fast after he fucked her. It was exciting him more than usual and he had no intention on giving up while this sexy woman grew with his babies. Her large tits were growing bigger and her birthing hips were expanding to accommodate the large brood of his babies growing inside her.