thefertilevalley:Jessica was a born breeder. She certainly had…


Jessica was a born breeder. She certainly had the body of a baby maker. With her very wide birthing hips, beautiful plump thighs and buttocks and large juicy breasts Jessica looked very fecund and made to breed. Her short stacked and curvy body just screamed fertility and sexuality. Not only was Jessica blessed with all the right breeder curves, she had also desired to be a breeder wife as long as she could remember. Jessica was also highly and openly sensual and sexual. Jessica always oozed sensuality and sexuality, both in appearance and in demeanor, and she was never able or never wanted to downplay these. Jessica was after all a woman on a life mission: attract a mate, marry him, take care of him, make sure they both remained well-fed and very well-fucked and have and raise as many of their children as possible. Finding a suitable mate with similar desires didn’t take Jessica very long. Six years down the road and not yet 25 years old Jessica’s belly was swollen with her sixth child, due to be born 4 to 4.5 months from now, and Jessica was very happily fulfilling her life mission. For many years to come she would be a baby making machine, her womb nearly always full and her huge breasts a walking buffet for her offspring (and her husband). Jessica couldn’t be more happy and satisfied.