Petite Transformation


Amanda wasn’t sure she was going to like pregnancy. When she saw the ‘+’ sign on the pregnancy test, all she could think about what was going to her petite trim body that she had worked so hard to maintain. What was this baby going to do to her body?

As the weeks passed, Amanda did put on weight. It was not how she expected though. Her hips and widened and thus her butt had become bigger. Amanda had originally thought that would have ruined her butt. Despite getting bigger, it was still firm and riding high. She had the elusive bubble butt. Amanda was really loving what happened to her breasts. She had always been a small ‘B’ cup with her petite body. Now her breast had grown to a respectable ‘D’ cup. Her belly had grown but it was tight and firm. Sort of like a muscle. Amanda felt like she was flexing her motherhood muscle.

Amanda now embraced her pregnancy. What was great is that no one could tell she was pregnant from behind. She still had a great body with some more womanly curves now. She was getting many more looks from guys now with her new body. Amanda now loved her pregnancy and wouldn’t fight getting pregnant anymore. In fact, she now looked forward to her next one.