pr3gfan: [This woman has been kind enough to share a little with…


[This woman has been kind enough to share a little with me and asked to be put on the blog. She got knocked up while her husband was away, the story that follows in my fictional version of that.]

As my new husband was getting ready to leave I reminded him that we were supposed to be trying for a baby this week. He just shook his head and said, “Sorry, when you called up to deploy, you don’t tell your CO that you can’t go because you’re supposed to be having sex.”

We argued for a few minutes before he just told me that if I think I can get pregnant without him, then do it. So I asked his nephew to come stay with me so I wouldn’t be all alone for months on end. I seduced him and we fucked nearly every day of my husband’s deployment. I only had one period, and I sent a pic every time his nephew came inside me. I only had one period through the whole deployment. That kid is fertile and can cum buckets!

The day my husband came back, I was waiting for him in bed. Burgeoning belly, large and heaving breasts, heavy breathing, filled with lust and desire. I finally got to fuck my husband after so long. I told him of he can keep me satisfied for the next few months, then the next baby can be his.

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