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Month 7 baby bump ??.


I’m well aware of how incredibly enormous my belly is. If I didn’t know better I would be convinced there were multiple babies living in there. I assure you, however, there is only one. 

Stretch marks have marbleized the texture of my stomach and I have begun to reach proportions I did not originally think possible. They say you get bigger with each pregnancy and, If mine is any example, that theory would definitely prove true.

I guess I’m “OK” with all this, accept for how difficult it has made even the simplest of movements for me. I am never *not* carrying an extra 40+ pounds around with me, whether I’m sitting, standing, moving or completely still. 

It’s exhausting. 

I’m doing my best to enjoy each moment and I know the difficulties that having a newborn bring, not to mention the emotional toll changes in hormones cause directly after delivery, but I am just ready to get back to “normal” already…

Please don’t take it personally when I say that, from the preggo kink community to you, we all desperately hope you get bigger and never go back to normal ever because you are stunning like this and we love you dearly.