thefertilevalley: Tatjana had given her boyfriend plenty of…


Tatjana had given her boyfriend plenty of well-executed and satisfying blowjobs alright, but as a natural born breeder there was absolutely no way she could just leave it at that. With those instincts, desires and genes playing within her body and mind Tatjana always craved a big hard bare cock in her cozy, warm and wet pussy and was never quite satisfied before she had a big load of potent seed deposited in her very unprotected womb, waiting and ready for nurturing once the inevitable and incredibly beautiful happened.

For Tatjana that time of being full and heavy with child came quickly, at the age of just 18 she conceived her first child with her boyfriend. The already very ample curves Tatjana was blessed with ballooned and swelled to beautiful and satisfying sizes in the amazing and very enjoyable nine and a half months Tatjana carried her first child for. 

When the big day finally arrived Tatjana birthed her first child very quickly and easily, further reinforcing that she was truly made to breed. Nearly a year later Tatjana was again swollen with child in her third trimester, now with a different hair color and married but even fuller in body, belly and boobs. And being the fertile born breeder she was Tatjana’s first and second child would only be the humble beginnings of a huge brood.