thefertilevalley: Rebecca-Rose was a very juicy woman whose…


Rebecca-Rose was a very juicy woman whose pussy and thighs were almost constantly moist and oozy. This succulent young woman’s thighs were nearly always dripping with her copious sweet, tasty and musky secretions. But Rebecca-Rose’s thighs often were not just stained with her own cum and pussy juices, but also with residues of her husband John-Eric’s potent seed. Rebecca-Rose’s rich fluids and her lush curvy body always tempted John-Eric to have sex with her, and her cozy warm and moist folds and crevices just seemed asked to be penetrated without protection. Unprotected sex with Rebecca-Rose could only end one way – as she was not only curvaceous, juicy and succulent, but also just as fecund as she looked. And thus they had conceived and pregnancy had been able to work its magic on Rebecca-Rose’s body. Her curves had been enhanced and enlarged, her breasts had become swollen little milk-factories and her belly had swollen beautifully big. But that wasn’t all. Before her pregnancy Rebecca-Rose had already rarely worn clothing, now with the even more copious ooziness of her pussy and tits it had become almost impossible, so Rebecca-Rose just waddled and sat around fully nude. In about a month to a month and a half Rebecca-Rose would have amniotic fluid and birthing fluids running down her thighs as she brought her child into the world in great pain and effort, but also great joy and bliss. A few hours after giving birth her tits would really fill up with and start oozing the nutritious nectar of her delicious and satisfying body – and in copious amounts. Rebecca-Rose would be producing her satisfying and nurturing nectar for years to come – because there was no way John-Eric wasn’t going to keep Rebecca-Rose naked, bred, pregnant and dripping with her rich juices.