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Big shout out to @mamamace77 for the collaboration! We have a short miniseries in store for everyone…

Aria was on the couch when her husband came home. Just where she was when he left her, except without a shirt. Her shirt was on the floor with a rip down the side. He giggled as he saw her predicament.

”You don’t get to laugh at me mister!” Aria scolded. “This is all your fault anyway. You remember four months ago don’t you? God I was so horny and I had to have you! None of our condoms could be found and you promised to pull out, but did you? “

He chuckled. Everything she said was true. He wanted her pregnant and she was waiting for the “right time.” So he threw out all the condoms and started slipping her fertility drugs in all her food. Less than a month later Aria’s test came inevitably came back positive. What she wasn’t prepared for though was the amount of dots on the ultrasound.

Aira was growing at an alarming rate and she was prone to random growth spurts. As she playfully scolded her husband, her belly tightened and Aira gasped. Suddenly her belly stretched and grew over two inches in front of them.

Aira grinned at her husband, “Well at least we know what happened to my shirt!”

Amazing writing that I’m so happy to be a part of 🙏🏻😊😍