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pregnantanddumb: Trisha was so happy to be goi…


Trisha was so happy to be going out, it felt like forever ago that she had been horribly nauseous for what felt like months, constantly throwing up if she smelled onions or put her pants on too tight. But now, at long last, she’d be returning to her favorite activity – partying. 

Boys loved her. She was cute, she was fun, she was sexy as fuck, even if she didn’t have much going on in the boob department. She was mostly slim and fit, which was perfect when the boys threw her around on beds. After a few romps in June, she was horribly ill, and had to miss out for some time. But now that it was November, she was ready to get back in action.

Trisha slipped on her kneesocks, found some cute panties that framed her nice legs – and frowned.

“Ohmigod,” she gasped, looking at herself in the mirror – specifically, at her midsection. “I’m like, mega fat!”

And it was mostly true – her belly had rounded, visibly so. It stuck out firm and huge, in a way she knew wasn’t the case a few months ago. She remembered not being able to put pants on, but she always assumed that was just bloating from her period starting. 

Not that she could remember when it was coming – every few weeks she got a sensation that she should have, but it was unfun to think about, and no cramps or bleeding meant more time to go out and fuck hunks.

But getting fat? That was bad. Trisha knew that. She frowned, looking at herself in the mirror, putting hands on the rotund belly she was now sporting. She poked and prodded at it, not noticing that – unlike the fat of her boobs – it was firm and round, and seemed to be distending her bellybutton. Trisha had never seen a pregnant belly before, especially not naked. To her, it was just fat.

“Awwww, no no no!” she pouted, stomping her feet. “This is mega unfair! First I’m all sick and throwup-y and now I put on like, a hundred pounds!”

Trisha knew nobody was going to bring home a fatty, so she sighed and threw her cute little dress to the ground – not like she could have fit in it, anyway. 

“I’d look all fat and round like I’m all pregnant and stuff,” she pouted. “I gotta like, lose the weight super duper fast, and stuff, so I can go meet cute boys…”

She whined a little as she walked over, falling into a low crouch before rolling onto her butt. She let out a small giggle as she did, rubbing her belly. It was so big it split her legs apart. It was kind of funny, if it wasn’t preventing her from going out to clubs.

But, she was committed to her crunches, and so she started. She put her hands to her head, elbows out, and tensed up her abdominal muscles, causing the orb of her tummy to shrink a little, as she pulled herself up. 

Everything about the crunch felt wrong. Her tummy wasn’t malleable, her back felt curved the other way, and as she bent herself forward she felt a pressure on her lungs, pushing all the air out and causing her brain to feel fuzzy and lightheaded.

“Wh-” she blurted, as she inched her knees. “Whuh…one!”

She tried to relax slowly, but she had barely released the pose when she felt herself falling backwards, gulping a big breath of air.

No, no, come on, she thought, determined, thinking only of nice big cocks and tight abs and the smell of cologne and aftershave. She again flexed, bringing her chest forward, but her whole body was shaking as she struggled to. Trisha felt like her belly was a gigantic medicine ball compressing her stomach and chest.

It burned and hurt and felt impossible, and she barely managed to get her elbows near her knees when she flopped back, gasping for air and holding her sides, which burned even through the shitty, incomplete crunches. She wheezed as she gasped for air, her whole body begging to not do a third attempt. And now that she laid there, she swore she could feel what could only be movement but – she guessed – had to be muscle spasms right near her pelvis.

“Oowwwwiiieee,” she whimpered, rubbing the spot as she felt them continue, thumping against her palm. “Being a fattie like, mega sucks, n’stuff.”

pregnantanddumb: “I think sumthings wrong :(” …


“I think sumthings wrong :(” she typed, rubbing a hand on her middle.

She had ignored it for a while, just chalking it up to some weight gain over the winter. But her pants were being jammed down, her belt was several notches looser, and – worst of all – her sweaters were getting really snug. Her belly had gotten huge. 

Kristen sent the text to her boyfriend, and waited, phone on the desk, trying to pay attention to her teacher’s instructions. Her phone screen glowed, and she glanced at it. 

“Wrong with what? Can you show me?”

Kristen bit her lip and slipped the phone into her purse, then quickly excused herself to the bathroom. Her teacher seemed entirely too understanding, saying something about, ‘In your condition’ on her way out.

Does he know what happened to my tummy? she thought, scampering to the bathroom.

There was thankfully nobody in the bathroom, and she wasted no time in dropping her purse and fishing the phone out of it. A hand gripped the hem of her sweater, and she yanked it up, glancing in the mirror, blinking in shock.

“Wow,” she marveled, glancing at her tummy. “I’m like, super big.”

She paused to look at herself in the mirror, noticing the way her belly bulged out, under her bra and over her belt. It was firm, and round, and she didn’t know any sort of fat to do this.

Kristen thought it was something bad – cancer, maybe, or some sort of hyper-rapid weight gain based in bloating. But she knew her boyfriend was smart, it was him who suggested they fuck with her on top so there wouldn’t be any chance she could get pregnant.

But then, if she wasn’t pregnant, it sure looked like she might be.

Whatever, he’ll know what to do, she thought, and snapped a picture of herself, hurriedly sending it to her boyfriend. He was in another city, and they hadn’t had many chances to hook up lately, but he would pitch in now. He had to know what to do.

She spent a few more minutes there, in the bathroom, staring at her swollen tummy, waiting for a text. But it didn’t come.

I guess he’s in a class or busy, she thought, and picked up her purse, absently itching her belly as she trotted off to class.

pregnantanddumb: If you guys like this blog, y…


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And so she keeps believing that she’s not pregnant, even as her belly inflates and her weight climbs, even when her other bimbo girlfriends come by to talk about her tummy. 

But more importantly, Dale is finding more and more about the bimbo app and how it’s working – and how Jeanie might be affecting bimbos around her with her ultra-bimbo status. 

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pregnantanddumb: When he told Kelly to get on …


When he told Kelly to get on top, Damien was more curious than anything. In her condition, so massively pregnant and heavy, he figured she would have an impossible time fucking him. And yet, somehow, once she got on top, belly bulging out huge and heavy on his own body, she begun to slide up and down, her tight pussy (but not for much longer) clamping hard on him as she milked him.

“Unnhhh,” she moaned, looking down at him. Kelly stopped for a moment, and started to giggle, girly and cute. “Woo, this is like, uh, super hard.”

“Oh yeah?” he said, leaning back. “Well it feels great, so keep doing it.”

“Oh, uhm, okay,” she replied, smiling, and leaned back, putting a hand on his thigh for balance, and resumed sliding up and down. Her boobs bounced with each ‘thump’ of her belly into his sternum, and her legs were twitching with exertion.

Leaning back a little, she looked down at him, watching her gigantic tummy surge into view, and started to giggle. “Oh my god,” she wheezed, laughing. “When I do that, like, I can barely see you over my big o’ fat belly.”

“Awww, you’re not fat baby,” he replied. It had been some time to convince her that her ever-expanding belly was just fat, and he wasn’t going to lose it now.

“You’re such a sweetie,” Kelly said, giggling, and leaned down to kiss him – and was blocked. Her belly wouldn’t shrink any further, her back was locked to arching backwards with her tummy’s size, and the orb pressed hard into Damien’s stomach. She pursed her lips and sucked in a deep breath, leaning down to kiss him, but to no avail. She was too big.

Kelly started giggling. “Oh man, I’m soooo big,” she laughed, and put a hand to her mouth cutely, her other coming to rub her stomach. “I look like, super pregnant, or something.”



pregnantanddumb: Alice had only had a single s…


Alice had only had a single sexual experience to her name, and it was a single college party hookup with a cutie who took her virginity. She had been told by her girlfriends, like most teenagers, that it was impossible to get pregnant your first time. 

Which is why, when she tried to make herself some eggs and suddenly felt a powerful punch of nausea and found herself sliding to the toilet to vomit up the nothing in her stomach, she assumed it was nothing big. People were sick sometimes, it happened.

That’s also why, when she saw a commercial for an insurance company about a pair of girls becoming friends, she burst into tears and couldn’t stop sobbing the entire afternoon, she assumed it was also nothing, just a weird influx of hormones that probably signaled her time of the month.

But when it didn’t come, she also had an excuse – stress, from her job and all the overeating she had been engaging in that was adding to her weight. And, because of her weight shooting up, she had more stressful days trying to not show how fat she was getting.

Her friends were starting to notice. She was packing on pounds, and all the baggier clothes weren’t covering up that her pants were rounding out in the front – and only in the front. 

“Are you, uh, putting on weight?” one asked, glancing at her much more conservative outfit, but especially her tummy, which was visibly bigger from the slim, sexy Alice she knew before.

“Oh, er, yeah,” she said, nervously. “Must be all the junk food lately, haha.”

And, as time went on, she tried resisting the urge to consume as much food as she could – lots of fats and proteins, and it was really beginning to show. Alice stood in front of the mirror, naked, looking everywhere for the bits of chub on her waist, neck, hips, and chest, that would tell her that she was just getting fat.

They weren’t there. It was just her belly, firm and round, and big, jutting out from her slim frame.

“I’m not pregnant,” she told herself, wiping frustrated tears from her eyes. “Not from just one time. You can’t get pregnant off one time.”

The waistband of her stretchy pants was shove down, low, and her top was pushed up, making room for Alice’s big, bulging tummy, round and solid and huge, jutting out from her body enormously. It was tight and hard, and she still – thanks to a lot of walking – had no fat on her. Just a big round belly.

Alice let out a frustrated sniffle, tugging her little babydoll tee down as far as it would go – which was not far, only about to her bellybutton, before it begun to slide back up. 

I’m not pregnant, she told herself again, angrily. You…you don’t get pregnant off one time. You can’t. I’m not pregnant.

And so, she strutted over to her closet, desperate to find a sweater or baggy coat that would cover up the bulging, spherical orb of “fat” that was stuck to her middle, just enough to that her friends wouldn’t notice and ask questions, just enough to get through the day so she could come home and get some rest. 

Which was getting harder, as there was weird movement and twitching going on inside that belly of hers. What she called ‘muscle spasms’. Alice hoped they would go away soon.

pregnantanddumb: “Hm,” Hannah quietly said, st…


“Hm,” Hannah quietly said, staring down at herself. 

She was hoping she could go out with her friends, maybe to the shops downtown and get some cute clothes. But her current clothes weren’t fitting. She had slipped into her sexy little bootyshorts and her striped blouse, but her tummy felt round and huge.

“This is weird,” she thought, watching her belly as she breathed in and out, seeing the gentle swell and deflate. Hannah kept in good shape, didn’t eat too much junk food, and never skipped her walks, but this chubby belly was a little scary.

“Hup!” she wheezed, and sucked her breath in, seeing the dome collapse for the brief moment before her clenched muscles gave out and it bulged out again, round and huge.

Ugh, don’t tell me I got fat, she thought, with a sigh. This was so unfair. How was she supposed to shop with her friends if she had gotten fat?

Hanna knew she wasn’t pregnant, though. She had it on good authority that her one quick fling with her boyfriend couldn’t have gotten her knocked up, because of how they did it. 

She wasn’t going to miss a day out, though, and Hannah at once yanked the shirt back down, trotting out to see her friends. The walk was torture; her feet ached and whatever weight she had gained slowed her gait greatly. By the time she got there, all of her friends were in a small group, talking amongst themselves.

“Hey guys!” she shouted, at a distance, waving at them.

Upon seeing her, they all started laughing, falling into each other and giggling and being silly girls, saying something to each other she couldn’t hear. Hannah was a little shocked – did they see her weight gain and think it was hilarious? What jerks!

In the group, meanwhile, the ringleader of her “friends” was wheezing with laughter, holding her stomach. “She doesn’t know she’s pregnant!” she giggled, stomping her foot. “Oh my god, she actually bought that line about how you can’t get pregnant if you’re on top!”

pregnantanddumb: Matt smiled as he looked at h…


Matt smiled as he looked at his girlfriend, prone on her couch, absently staring at some trashy reality TV with a dumb look on her face. She was spread out across it, head resting on the arm, still wearing some of her ill-fitting clothes – a C-cup bra that her nipples had spilled out of, a top that could barely contain her swollen middle or the wobbling tits, and cute little booty shorts that her giant pregnant belly was pouring over the unzipped middle of.  

He watched Nicole absorb the TV for a while, hand absently itching at her exposed tummy or pinching a bit of her blonde hair. She barely noticed him – her eyes were glassy, brow furrowed when someone on TV said a big word she didn’t understand. And, as little kicks and movement happened inside her pregnant belly, she absently gave little moans and grunts of discomfort, shifting in place, trying to get relaxed while her passenger made little motions inside her.

He tilted his head, and saw the show she was watching – it was one of those teen pregnancy shows. He snorted a little laugh.

“Heya, hon,” he said, coming over to her.

“Oooh,” she smiled at him, and huffed herself a little more upright, wiggling into a more sitting-like position on the couch. “C’mon baby, did you wanna watch it with me?”

“Maybe a bit,” he said, and sat down next to her. She was lying back, leaning into the cushion of the couch, her spine forced back thanks to the firm, round bulge of her pregnant belly. She absently itched it, tugging on her split zipper, then settled back, ready to dumbly absorb nothing again.

“This show is like, so crazy,” she said, again absently itching at her rotund belly. “This like, young girl was actually super pregnant, and only found out really late! Can you imagine like, bein’ all preggers and having no idea?!” she let out a little breath, shaking her head with wide eyes. “I’m like, never gonna get pregnant, cause it sounds like, mega scary.”

He looked over at Nicole, and smiled, watching her dumbly stare at the TV, a hand itching the huge baby-bump bulging over her pants, and said, “I’m sure you won’t, baby.”